Representative Projects

Williams Steel is a nationally recognized steel contractor. Click on any pin to see specific project information.

American Yeast
Memphis, TN
900 tons
Ash Grove
Midlothian, TX
235ft tower 3700 tons Cement Tower
Atlas Tube Expansion
Blytheville, AR
540,000 s.f. Tube Mill, 5,200 tons
Atlas Tube Mill Expansion
Blytheville, AR
525,000 sq ft Mill 5,100t
Brown and Kopel
Henderson, TN
500 tons 3 story
Buffalo Bill's Indoor Facility
Buffalo, NY
1,000 tons 225' Span 120' Height
ConAgra Foods
Peru, IN
700 tons
Concord EFS
Cordova, TN
1950 tons 28' Wide Frames & 70' Tall frames
Dicks Sporting Goods
Conklin, NY 13748
650,000 s.f. , 2,290 tons joist, 680 tons steel
Ocala, FL
5,500t High Rack Distribution Facility
Fedex 180k Sort Facility
Memphis, TN
215,350 s.f. 1,830 tons
Florida Steel Bar Mill
Jackson, TN
2,500 tons
General Cable Expansion
9975 US-80 Scottsville, TX 75688
680 tons
GGLC Bldg 1-12
Byhalia, MS
10,420,000 S.F. 30,210t
Holnam Slag Grinding Facility
Birmingham, AL
1,300 tons
7900 Ikea Way. Memphis, TN 38016
270,000 sq ft, 1025 tons
JMCGH Bed Tower
Jackson, TN
1,500 tons 10 story
Jackson, TN
1,062,055 square feet
Kingsford Charcoal
Cornith, MS
350 tons
Kirkland Cancer Center
Jackson, TN
570 tons
Lift Wellness Center
Jackson, TN
540 tons of architecturally exposed structural steel
MCR Distribution Center
Piperton, TN
498,000 s.f. 1550 tons
MD Anderson Cancer Clinic
Houston, TX
1350 tons 4 story
Millington Naval Hangar
Millington, TN
190' Clear Span 14'-6 Deep Trusses
Modern Aviation Hanger Trusses
Seattle, WA
750 LF. of trusses @ 650 lbs/LF.
National Cement
Ragland, AL
7,000 Tons New Line Including 440' Tall Process Tower
Nike Addition
Memphis, TN
1,650,810 s.f. 5,378 tons
North Star/BPH
Delta, OH
5,800 tons
NSBB Roll Mill
Brandenburg, KY
180 Laced Columns & 160 Plate Girders 12,000t
Nucor Galv Line
Hickman, AR
6,500 tons
Nucor Galvanizing Line
Decatur, AL
7,150 tons
Nucor Plate Mill (Melt Shop)
Charleston, SC
2,300 tons
Nucor Plate Mill (Melt Shop)
Hickman, AR
2,100 tons
Nucor Strip Cast Facility
Crawford, IN
1,600 tons
Nucor-Yamato Steel Canopy Baghouse
Blytheville, AR
1,430 tons
Nucor-Yamato Wide Flange Steel Mill
Blytheville, AR
2,500 tons
Pacific Manufacturing
Jackson, TN
534,300 sq ft 3,771 tons
Liepsic, OH
4,800 tons 220' Tall Tower
Proctor and Gamble
Green Bay, WI
1,000,000 s.f.
Professional Modification Services Hangar
Miami, FL
1,200 tons 300' Clear Span 80' Clear Height
Project Runner
Little Rock, AR
1,335,000 sq ft 6033 tons
Rocky Mountain, NC
333,000 s.f. 80' Tall
Riviana Foods
Memphis, TN
426,035 s.f. 2,850 tons
Ross Distribution
Brookshire, TX
1.9 mil s.f. w/ 330,000 s.f. mezzanine 4200 tons
SEFA Morgantown
Morgantown, MD
715 tons
SEFA Winyah
Georgetown, SC
450 tons
Carrolton, GA
161,000 sq ft 1800t 530' Pedestrian Bridge
Lebanon, TN
6,350,000 S.F. 18,900t
TBI Crime Lab
Jackson, TN
270 tons
Texarkana Aluminum Mill
Texarkana, TX
210,000 sq ft. Mill Bldg & Warehouse
Tractor Supply
Macon, GA
683,000 s.f. 434 tons
Tractor Supply - UMW
Navarre, OH
965,000 sq ft. 4300t Distribution Center
Trezvant Manor
Memphis, TN
1,150 tons 5 story
Union University Library
Jackson, TN
68,900 s.f. 876 tons 3 story
Wrightsville Power Facility
Wrightsville, AR
800 tons
ABC Warehouse & Office
Hanover Co, VA
1800t 375,000 sqf Warehouse / 94,000 sqf 3 story office
Adidas Distribution
Spartanburg, SC
1,890,000 s.f.
American Eagle
Ottawa, KS
Aqua Glass Manufacturing
Klamath Falls, OR
Ashgrove Finish Mill
Chanute, KS
Byhalia, MS
344,00 s.f. 288 tons
Atlas Tube Mill Facility
Blytheville, AR
3500 tons
Axis Pipe & Tube & VA Buildings
Bryan, TX
570,000 s.f. 2,750 tons
Beckwith Farms
Mt. Juliet, TN
826,000 s.f.
Beckwith Farms
Mt. Juliet, TN
4,900,000 S.F. 13,800t
Belle Heth Elementary
Radford, VA
75,000 sq. ft. 450 tons 2 story green design
Berg Pipe Mill Facility
Mobile, AL
200,000 s.f. 1,400 tons
Best Buy
Buford, GA
462,000 s.f.
Bowling Green, KY
1500 tons
Boradmoore Bldg A
Buford, GA
492,000 s.f.
BTR Rubber
Keokik, IA
Buckle Office
Kearney, NE
Buckle Warehouse
Kearney, NE
12,800 s.f. 2-Story Office
Hamptonburgh, NY
403,200 sq ft. 333 tons
Carlisle Manufacturing
Toole, UT
Waco, TX
90,000 s.f. 190 tons
Centere Pointe
Lavergne, TN
602,000 s.f.
Civil and Marine Cement Grinding Plant
Cape Canaveral, FL
1200 tons
Clarksville, TN
Couchville Pike Distribution
Lebanon, TN
702,000 s.f.
Crossroad J Expansion
Olive Branch, MS
320,000 S.F.
Crossroads Buisness Park
Olive Branch, MS
860,000 s.f. 530 tons
Cumberland County High School
Cumberland Co., VA
170,000 s.f. 350 tons
Cypress Park
Orlando, FL
650,000 s.f.
Diversified Foods
New Orleans, LA
520 tons
Dry Pond Spec.
Jefferson, GA
1,020,000 S.F. 2520t
East Jackson High School
Commerce, GA
320,000 s.f. 1850 tons
East Jordan Iron Works
Ardmore, OK
1,390 tons
Federated Distribution
Portland, TN
600,000 s.f.
Floyd County Health
Rome, GA
550 tons 3 story
FMH Conveyors
Jonesboro, AR
200,000 s.f.
GE Distribution
Charleston, TN
850,000 s.f.
Byhalia, MS
GM/Saturn Automobile Plant
Spring Hill, TN
120' Clear Trusses
Gwinnett 85 Bldg 100 & 200
Buford, GA
970,000 S.F. 2,550t
Hart County High School
Hartwell, GA
105,000 s.f. 700 tons 2 story
Helen of Troy
Olive Branch, MS
1,300,000 sq ft 1,300 tons
Hodgenville & Caneyville School
Hodgenville, KY
40,000 s.f. 250 tons
Hydra Trucking
Frankfort, KY
225,000 s.f.
Jackson Medical Office Bldg
Jackson, TN
99,500 s.f. 518 tons 3 story
Jacobson Distribution
Olive Branch, MS
800,000 s.f.
Jim Beam
Frankfort, KY
600,000 sq ft
JSCC Health Science Building
Jackson, TN
3 Story Composite
Kumho Tire
McDonough, GA
407,000 s.f.
Lainer Cluster Middle School
Buford, GA
245,000 s.f. 1,280 tons 3 story
Leading Edge Hanger Trusses
Seattle, WA
450 LF. of trusses @ 625 lbs/LF.
Lhoist Alabama
Calera, AL
Lhoist Missouri
St. Gen, MO
177 tons
Liberty Technology Magnet School
Jackson, TN
150,000 s.f. 600 tons
Martinsburg, WV
1,670,000 s.f. 2,480 tons
Mars Petcare
Fort Smith, AR
300,000 sq ft. 1100 tons
Mckesson NRDC
Olive Branch, MS
650,000 sq ft 1,900 tons
Mead WestVaco
Raphine, VA
405,000 s.f.
Mid South Heart
Memphis, TN
400 tons 2 story
Milan Middle School
Milan, TN
115,000 s.f. 300 tons
Miramar Hangar
San Diego, CA
Mt Juliet, TN
717,000 s.f.
Elizabethtown, PA
987,00 s.f. 2,270 tons
North Cluster Middle School
Sugar Hill, GA
242,000 s.f. 1,250 tons 3 story
Nucor LMF
Memphis, TN
693 tons
Nucor Melt Shop
Blytheville, AR
90' Tall Columns 13'-4 Wide Columns
Nucor Stacker Runway
Convent, LA
1500t 1/2 mile long of heavy girders for materials handling
Nucor Steel Roll Mill
Brandenburg, KY
12,800 tons
Nucor‐ Round Billet Addition
Jewett, TX
42,000 s.f. 339 tons
Blytheville, AR
1,750 tons
Oak Farms
Houston, TX
193 tons
Obion County High School
Troy, TN
190,000 s.f. 550 tons
Oriental Trading
Lavista, NE
600,000 sq ft. 390 tons
Pacific Manufacturing Phase 1-3
Jackson, TN
540,000 sq ft. 3300t
Papa John's Office
Louisville, KY
1,350 3 story
PC Port Authority
Panama City, FL
105,000 s.f.
Pilgrim's Pride
Gainesville, GA
150 tons
Polk Lane Logistic Center
Olive Branch, MS
320,000 S.F.
Procter and Gamble Corn Chip
Jackson, TN
1,200 tons
Proctor and Gamble
Albany, GA
1.6 million sq. ft.
Project Fastbreak
Juliet, TN
1,263,000 s.f.
Lancaster, PA
1,022 tons
Ross DC8
Buckeye, AZ
2.3 Million S.F. 11,200t
Ross Stores
Perris, CA
1,300,000 s.f.
Ross Stores JMM CVDC
Shafter, CA
1,702,000 s.f. 4641 tons
Ross Stores SEBH
Rock Hill, SC
1,600,00 s.f. 3860 tons
Slim Fast
Covington, TN
750 tons
Smith and Nephew
Memphis, TN
750 tons 2 story
South Gibson County High School
Medina, TN
130,000 s.f. 350 tons
Southaven Distribution
Southaven, MS
910,000 s.f.
Southern School of Optometry
Memphis, TN
22280 sq. ft. 355 tons
Taylor Farms
Smyrna, TN
650 tons
Tennergy Office
Jackson, TN
450 tons 3 story
Thelma Barker School
Jackson, TN
83,000 s.f. 150 tons
Tire & Battery Company
Rossville, TN
1,500,000 s.f.
TN Highway Patrol Headquarters
Jackson, TN
80,000 sq ft 130 tons
Tractor Supply
Casa Grande, AZ
661,000 sq ft. 402 tons
Trintity Christian Academy
Jackson, TN
110,000 s.f. 600 tons
University School of Jackson
Jackson, TN
240,000 s.f. 650 tons
Volvo Distribution
Byhalia, MS
1,027,000 s.f.
Vulcraft Nucor Division
Chemung, NY
1,700 tons
Waupaca Foundry
Etowah, TN
3,450 tons
Westport East Building 1
Savannah, GA 31408
312,000 s.f.
White Hall Science Building
Jackson, Tn
63,350 s.f. 580 tons 3 story
Williams Sausage
Union City, TN
200 tons
Wilson Commerce Building C
Mount Juliet, TN
787,000 s.f.
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